My engineering project ­čÄô

Finally graduated a computer science studies. The subject of my final engineering project on which I worked with 3 man team and promoter, was Multimedia Teaching Platform of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Silesian University of Technology. My job was to connect it with my own interests, which is filmmaking.

With using multimedia techniques, I’ve produced and directed following materials:

  • animated 3D intro,
  • animated teaching material,
  • remastered teaching material,
  • video recorded interview,
  • live stream from a lecture,
  • video highlights from video conference,
  • multimedia presentation of MMI Research Team.

Every video material is below to watch.
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This post is a review of all efforts that I and my little team have put into a school television project during education in high school. Even though we had a very poor camera back then, we’ve accomplished to make 7 videos, which gave us many positive feedbacks.

Every material that we’ve made is below to watch.

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