Miami Vice – In The Air Tonight

“This is Miami, pal, where you can’t even tell the players without a program. Down here you’re just another amateur.”

A clip which I intended to make in past several years. A montage of Miami Vice (1984) with some of its soundtrack in the background.

Miami Vice is one of my favorite series. In the 80s it has given new trends and it still remains a unique production among other TV series. There is a specific atmosphere in it. Breathtaking views, beautiful women, fashion creations, sports cars, pursuits, and shootouts. Plus the music of the best artists of the 1980s and very decent guest cast – many future stars of the big screen appeared. All of those aspects I’ve putted in this montage with Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” soundtrack.

For me, the 80s itself means better music, better films, nicer cars, etc. The mentality and attitude of society were, I guess, more natural and healthier. Somehow people were happier with their own lives.

Four years ago I’ve made a short montage called “The ’80s: The decade that made us”. It was a short compilation based mostly on National Geographic’s mini-series documentary with the same title. This video is still frequently displayed on YouTube and the viewers are leaving nostalgic thoughts about the 80s in comments.


Edited by Grzegorz Grabowiec
Music: Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”

Source: NBC Classics, Miami Vice (1984-1989).